T20-WC: ‘Black Lives Matter’ Pollard Take A Stand Against Racism

Kieron Pollard
Image Source: Twitter.com

West Indies captain Kieron Pollard has discussed that the ‘Men in Maroon’ would continue to take a stand before each game in the 2021 T20 World Cup to stop racism.

The murder of George Floyd in May of last year dominated headlines, and the West Indies team made it a point to promote the ‘Black Lives Matter’ campaign from that day forward. West Indies captain Kieron Pollard has indicated that his squad will continue to kneel during the 2021 T20 WC.

Pollard went on to say that the Black Lives Matter movement is something the West Indies group believes in and that it is a movement that is important to his heart.

“From my knowledge at this present time, I think it’s something we’re going to continue because it’s something that we strongly believe in, as a team. Hopefully, we can just continue to show our support for something that I think is close to our hearts,” said Kieron Pollard.

Everyone has their own opinions on racism and Black Lives Matter: Pollard

Kieron Pollard went on to say everybody will have their own thoughts on racism. The 34-year-old believes the West Indies cannot compel any other team and take a stand. Pollard finished by saying that everything depends on personal decisions, stressing that the West Indies would do what they believe is appropriate.

“Everyone has their own opinions on racism and Black Lives Matter and all these things. So, I can’t tell them what to do or expect anything, because sometimes when you expect things from people, you tend to get disappointed”.

“Again, sometimes, you just have to look at the man in the mirror, and if we think it is something that is very, very important to us, we will do it. And if the opposition thinks that as well, it’s up to them. If they don’t, it’s a matter of personal choices,” concluded Kieron Pollard.

England speedster Chris Jordan said that the bowing action has yet to be considered in the England camp. The 33-year-old added that the subject would be reviewed internally before a decision is made.

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