T20 WC 2021: Team India’s Prospects To Qualify For Semi Finals

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After two consecutive setbacks versus Pakistan and New Zealand, India felt safe after thrashing Afghanistan and Scotland with a huge margin. The key concern for Indian supporters now is if India can still become the 2nd team from Group 2 to qualify for the semi-finals. What should the outcome be for the other teams if India wins the remaining 1 game to advance to the next round? Let’s have a look at Team India’s Prospects To Qualify For Semi Finals.

Currently, India has 4 points on their board and must score six points from their remaining schedule, New Zealand undoubtedly has six points and Afghanistan will have a chance to display 6 points if they win their next match. New Zealand must lose their remaining scheduled match with Afghanistan. If New Zealand wins this game with a big margin, India will be disqualified instantly.

Assuming Afghanistan winning New Zealand on November 7th will improve India’s prospects since exceeding New Zealand’s NRR will be easier than exceeding Afghanistan’s. The fact that New Zealand thrashes Afghanistan by a small margin will assist India to surpass its NRR.

Having New Zealand defeated Namibia, Afghanistan must-win New Zealand on November 7th in favor of India to advance to the semi-finals. Also, for India to have a higher chance, Afghanistan must beat New Zealand by a very narrow margin of 1 run or pursue the goal on the final ball of the game.

Even though winning by a razor-thin margin, Afghanistan’s net-run rate will increase from the current NRR of 1.172. This one will most likely apply if Afghanistan advances by 9 runs or fewer. To exceed Afghan’s NRR from 1.172, India must win their remaining fixture by a big margin, ensuring an NRR will clear the way for them to reach the semifinals, lets consider that India bat first and put 180 on board, and if India starts chasing, they should ensure to finish their chase within 13 overs, as their NRR will be higher than Afghan approximately if India chases within 150 in the final scheduled match against Namibia.

Team India will know what they exactly need to do to get over the line

Whereas the Men in Blue will be cheering for Afghans against the Kiwis. A huge victory margin for Afghanistan might destroy India’s chances of placing 2nd in the group.

Since the New Zealand-Afghanistan game will be played a day before the India-Namibia match, the picture will become clearer for India in terms of the margin by which they should defeat Namibia.

The final match for Team India in Group 2 of T20 WC 2021 will be against Namibia on Nov 8th.

Current Net Run Rate (NRR) of

Team India :   + 1.619
New Zealand: + 1.277
Afghanistan :  + 1.481

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