Cricket ground in England to be named after legendary Indian cricketer Sunil Gavaskar

Sunil Gavaskar's Ground in England
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Sunil Gavaskar’s ground in England

Leicester cricket ground Renamed? The legendary Indian cricketer Sunil Gavaskar added one more honour in his bag of achievement as the former captain is set to have a cricket ground named after him.

After having stadiums named after him in US and Tanzania, now Gavaskar will have a stadium going by his name in England’s Leicester as part of the honour bestowed upon him by the Bharat Sports and Cricket Club.

Gavaskar, currently in London, said he is “delighted” to have received such a mark of appreciation for his contribution to the game.

“I am delighted and honoured that a ground in Leicester is being named after me,” Sunil Gavaskar told Times of India on Thursday (July 21). “Leicester is a city with possibly the strongest supporters of the game, especially Indian cricket, and therefore it is a huge honour indeed.”

“We are thrilled and honoured that Gavaskar has agreed to have this pitch and ground named after him,” Vaz said. “He is a living legend and over the years, has delighted Indians and other lovers of cricket with his record-breaking performances.”

“To us, he is not just the ‘Little Master’, he is a great master of the game. Nothing delights the Indian population of Leicester more than when an all-time great visits us. There is now a part of Britain that is forever Gavaskar,” added the Leicester MP, who also leads Integration Foundation, which is a diaspora organisation.

Along with too many achievements he earned during his playing days, the one which above of them all is, the former Indian captain was the first batter in the history of cricket to achieve 10,000 test runs.

By keeping in mind all the contributions Gavaskar made towards cricket, the English Sports team have announced this honour.

With this honour, Gavaskar became the first Indian cricketer to have stadium named after him in England.

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