Stuart Broad Advises Jofra Archer Following His Poor Performance Against New Zealand

Stuart Broad Instructs Jofra Archer For His Poor performance Against New Zealand
Stuart Broad Instructs Jofra Archer For His Poor performance Against New Zealand

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Jofra Archer, the young pacer from England, is not having the best of outings in New Zealand. He had a great summer when he bowled brilliantly in the ICC World Cup 2019. It was followed by the Ashes. The young lad was a key player with the ball in 2019 Ashes series, during which he grabbed as many as 22 wickets in four games. But, he is currently not in good form on the away tour. He has taken only two wickets in two Tests with an innings still left. However, he has been backed by Stuart Broad with some advice.

Jofra Archer made his debut for England earlier this year and has become a vital part of the team across all the formats. In a short career of 5 Tests, 14 ODIs and 1 T20I, Archer has grabbed 48 wickets across all the formats.

Stuart Broad About Jofra Archer’s Performance

Stuart Broad revealed that the young pacer was quite disappointed with his recent performances in New Zealand. He has asked him to be calm because sometimes things don’t happen the way a player wants them to. Moreover, in New Zealand, the pitches are slow, and bowling on them is a tough task for any bowler. The senior England pacer has advised Archer to lower his expectations as it is not possible to get a fifer in every second game.

“Jofra has been a bit disappointed because he’s used to making things happen in cricket. Sometimes, away from home, the game isn’t played at the speed we’re used to in England. The excitement’s not there, the pace isn’t there and the nip’s not there. You can’t expect to come and get five for 30 on pitches like this,” Broad said.

Hence, he encouraged him to look forward to the important tour of South Africa which is a better place for bowling.

“He still judges himself on the wickets he takes but once he gets past 50 Tests he won’t do that, he’ll play on too many flat ones. His economy rate has been really good. His areas have been great. I don’t think the Kookaburra ball is his best friend at the minute. But it will be when he realizes that not every away pitch is like this. I’m just encouraging him to look forward to South Africa. That’s a better place to bowl,” he added.


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