South African Govt. Removes CSA Board; And Takes The Control

Cricket South Africa

The South Africa Government Has Removed The Cricket South Africa (CSA):

In an important obstruction for the South Africa cricket, the national government has eradicated the topmost cricket supervisory body, Cricket South Africa (CSA), a decision that could fall tainted of the rules and regulation of the ICC on government intrusion and lead to the team of South Africa being out of the international level game.

Letters from the South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC) stated “The Cricket South Africa board and those senior officials who worked on the SA board (the acting CEO, the company secretary, the CFO, and the COO) are focused to step aside from the CSA administration on complete pay are awaiting the result of a month-long inquiry by a group.”

SASOC– A committee that takes care of the relations between the sports federations and the government- has suspected a number of instances of malpractice and maladministration since 2019 December. And it has generated massive consternation and concern among several stakeholders including current and former national team members, taken at the time of a meeting on Tuesday (11-09-2020), which was passed by a common vote.

CSA Statement On SASCOC Declaration:

Cricket South Africa (CSA) has got the statement of the South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC) pertaining to a number of declarations that SASCOC has agreed in relation to Cricket South Africa (CSA).

Cricket South Africa including its council members doesn’t say yes with the declaration of SASCOC and has not got the chance to involve SASCOC on different problems raised in the communication.

Furthermore, Cricket South Africa is taking legal advice based on which SASCOC has required to interfere in the business things of CSA. However, CSA commits to engage further with SASCOC to comprehend its position and to get general ground with it in the interests of cricket.

This weekend the council member and the CSA directors will hold a workshop jointly to talk about important things.

As of now, the decision of SASCOC will not impact the participation of the South African cricketers in the 2020 IPL or other tournaments.


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