Sourav Ganguly Opens Up On The Possibility Of The IPL 2020

BCCI Agrees To ICC’s Event Plan Over Longer IPL Window |
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We are yet to discuss the schedule- Sourav Ganguly:

The Sports world has come to a complete standstill due to the outbreak of COVID-19. The pandemic has created panic all over the world, not just sports fraternity. Since the Australia-New Zealand ODI and cricket series are eagerly awaiting the resumption, there has been no sign of international cricket.

In the meantime, the ‘Unlock1.0’ launch in India was a ray of hope for the BCCI in the near future to host the much-awaited IPL 2020. Despite India’s opening areas under ‘Unlock 1.0’ green zones, various fans expect the IPL 2020 at the end of this year.

But nothing seems certain right now, as the opportunity to house the cash-rich league has not yet cemented by the BCCI. In the midst of all the confusion, BCCI President Sourav Ganguly claimed that it is difficult to forecast the future right now, but the committee is looking at all options. 

“We can’t tell in the days ahead what is going to happen. It’s hard to guess. We are looking at all options. We still don’t know when crickets will resume, “Ganguly said.

Saving Human Life And Break COVID-19 Chain Is More Important:

Even if the IPL happens this year, Ganguly said that its position remains in danger. According to Ganguly, something can be said too early, as, based on environmental protection, the Board has yet to formally discuss the IPL schedule. In addition to the IPL, it is more necessary for the former Indians to save human life and break the COVID-19 chain. 

“We don’t know when it could happen. India is sure to host the event as long as it’s secure for the environment. We can’t say anything at this moment.

It’s too early. The IPL schedule has not yet been formally discussed. Nevertheless, it depends on environmental health. It is more necessary for us to save human life and break the coronavirus chain, “said Ganguly.

Ganguly even opened up how he spends his lockdown time. He said, but he was very worried about how people suffer from the pandemic. He said he was with his family home. Recently, over 1.9 lakh-holders have been optimistic and more than 5,000 people are dead when they speak about the spread of COVID-19 in India.

“With my family alone I was at home. The way people suffer from the coronavirus pandemic is deeply distressed for me. So many people of my charitable fund have helped.  I do my best. In the middle of that crisis, we all do our bit in little way to get out of it, “Ganguly stated.

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