Smriti Mandhana Feels Gender Pay Gap Acceptable

Smriti Mandana Feels Gender Pay Gap Acceptable
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Smriti Mandhana, India Women’s Star Player

Smriti Mandhana is the star cricket player of Indian women’s national cricket team. She is CEAT women’s cricketer of the year 2019. Recently, Mandhana shared her views on the controversial topic of gender pay parity at the launch of Bata’s new range of shoes.

She said that getting a pay-cheque which is lower than male cricket players of Team India is not bothering her. She says she understands that the revenue that they are getting is all because of men’s cricket.

Mandhana’s Views On Pay Gap

At the event, Mandhana was asked about the payment gap between male cricketers and female cricketers. She said that it is necessary to understand that the revenue that they were getting is through men’s cricket.

The day women’s cricket will start earning revenue, she’ll be the first person to say that they need the same thing. But right now, it is not okay to say something like that, she added.

Mandhana said she did not think that any other player of her team was thinking about this payment difference. Because for them, their only aim right now is to win matches for India, increasing the crowds for them, and getting more revenues.

Mandhana added that the team was now only focusing on how to perform well in matches. Because if it happens, then all the things will fall in place.

She said that it would not be fair on women’s cricketer’s part to say that they also need to be paid as much as their male counterparts. She refused to further comment on it.

Annual Wage Of Male Cricketers

The male cricket players are in top range on the BCCI Central Contract list. They are entitled to an annual wage of up to INR 7 crores.  On the other hand, female cricket players, even in the top category, get INR 50 lakhs for the same period.


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