Shreyas Iyer tries to recreate Kane Williamson’s slip catching

Shreyas Iyer tries to recreate Kane Williamson’s slip catching
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The home quarantine because of the coronavirus pandemic has left cricketers to do nothing much. While some of them are busy spending time with their loved ones, few are looking to interact with their fans on social media. The likes of Shreyas Iyer and Kane Williamson are still itching to play and have added their pet dogs to their squad.

The New Zealand captain recently posted a video of himself playing with his dog Sandy on his official Instagram handle. In the video, Williamson is edging the ball to his dog, and he takes a fantastic catch. Shreyas Iyer also tried the same with his dog, Betty.

However, they failed on their first attempt, as Bretty was unable to locate the ball after its timing was perfectly timed. According to India’s Number Four, Bretty reported that it took some time to match Sandy, but eventually ran out of time to celebrate after holding one.

Betty also wanted to go after seeing Kane Williamson’s beautiful dog, Sandy nail. Betty took some time off, but she got her first catch and ran for the celebration right away,” Shreyas Iyer captioned the video on Twitter.

Here Is The Video

All Indian cricketers stuck at home amid COVID-19

Like Shreyas Iyer, Indian cricketers and people from all over the world trapped in the home during this time. Coronavirus continues to harm all sports programs, many of which have been postponed or canceled. While Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli spend quality time with their families, some of them are busy interacting with their fans on social media.

The Pandya brothers, Hardik and Krunal, have enjoyed a unique take on their home custody with their partners using Ticktock as their entertainment source. Meanwhile, Jaspreet Bumrah recently posted a photo of her mother cleaning and helping her mother in the housework. This lockdown will be continued until April 15, but it is not yet clear that whether life will return to normal in the country or not.


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