Shashank Manohar Steps Down As ICC Chairman

Shashank Manohar ICC

Shashank Manohar retired as the International Cricket Council (ICC) chairman

On Wednesday, Shashank Manohar gets retirement as the first independent chairman of the International Cricket Council. And with this. It is the end of the influence of BCCI in the world body. In 2015 November, Shashank Manohar took the responsibility as chairman of ICC. After Manohar, deputy chairman Imran Khwaja will work as interim chairman.

In a release statement ICC stated “Shashank Manohar, ICC Chairman has taken retirement after two years of his helm. Today, there is ICC Board meeting and agreed that in the place of Shashank Manohar, deputy chairman Imran Khwaja from Hong Kong will take the ICC chairman responsibilities until a successor is elected.”

It is expected the ICC Board will arrange an election procedure for the next ICC chairman in the next week of July.

Colin Graves, former chairman of ECB  and Sourav Ganguly of India are the major candidates even though Sourav Ganguly’s application for ICC chairman depends upon whether Supreme Court of India would give permission him to continue as president of BCCI by giving any type of relaxation on the regulations authorized by the Lodha administrative reforms.

For this ICC Chairperson, former New Zealand’s head Gregor Barclay, West Indies’s Dave Cameron, Cricket South Africa’s Chris Nenzani also showed their interests.

According to the existing constitution, Sourav Ganguly’s six years of experience as office-bearer as well as BCCI president end on 31st July and he is well qualified to take the charge of ICC Chairmanship.

According to ICC rules, Shashank Manohar could have stayed another two years as the utmost three times are permitted to be an independent chairman.

Manohar had been worked as BCCI president two times- first during the 2008-2011 period and second tome from 2015 October to 2016 May, a part of which coincided with the chairmanship of ICC.

Manu Sawhney, Chief Executive of ICC thanked Shashank Manohar for his outstanding leadership and for everything he has done for the well-being of sports as ICC Chairman.


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