Shahid Afridi Reacts After Wasim Akram Tries A New Look

Shahid Afridi Reacts After Wasim Akram Tries A New Look
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Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the situation of the entire world, including India and Pakistan, has been agitated for the past few days. The deadly virus has caused a global crisis, and people advised to stay indoors during such tough times. More than 1 lakh people died from the pandemic, and governments are doing their best to curb the spread of the novel COVID-19.

Besides, the pandemic has also stopped playing, as all major tournaments and matches have been suspended or postponed due to the pandemic. In this lonely period, players, including cricketers, have no choice but to spend their idle time on social media. Many cricketers have increased their interaction on social media, and they have been active in recent times to communicate with their fans.

Wasim Akram sports a new look amid Coronavirus lockdown.

While many cricketers are turning to Twitter for questions, some have joined the Instagram Live Trend. Another cricketer is busy uploading photos and videos for fans, and such a player is former Pakistan captain Wasim Akram. The Pakistani legend tried a new look and shared his photo on Twitter. He recently posted his pictures with and without a mustache and asked fans if he would play a sport.

The cricketers were trying new things during their quarantine period, and Wasim Akram seems to have joined the bandwagon by experimenting with his appearance. Akram, who has been clean-shaven throughout his career, tried something new with his look and shared that look with his fans.

“Moustache or no mustache? Things you do when you have nothing to do I suppose #isolationcreation.Mooch Nahi, tey Kuch Nahi…” Akram wrote.

“Mustache or no mustache? The things you do Another Pakistani leader responded to Akram’s new look and said that Akram would become a star with or without his mustache. “No mustache or mustache, you always be a champion (Mooch Ho Ya Na Ho Aap Star Hee Hain) !! Happy to see you sweating, bless,” Afridi wrote. When you have nothing, I think #IsolationCreation.

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