Shaheen Afridi Makes Shocking Statement On Umran Malik

Shaheen Afridi On Umran Malik
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During the 2022 season of the Indian Premier League (IPL), the blazing speed and lightning-fast offerings of the Indian bowler Umran Malik generated a lot of noise. The fast bowler, who was born in Jammu and Kashmir, continued to bowl at speeds of more than 150 km per hour at frequent intervals. And because of his incredible speed, many veteran cricket players and prominent experts believe that Malik should be included in the Indian team that will compete in the forthcoming Twenty20 World Cup. Here in this article, we talk about what has been said by Shaheen Afridi On Umran Malik.

In addition to Malik, the New Zealand fast bowler Lockie Ferguson showed off his speed during the Indian Premier League season of 2022. At the beginning of the competition, Malik held the record for the delivery that was bowled at the fastest speed, but later the record was taken by Gujarat Titans (GT) bowler Ferguson when he bowled a ball at 157.3 km per hour in the IPL final versus Rajasthan Royals (RR).

“Speed can’t help you if you don’t have line and length and swing,” said Shaheen said prior to the Pakistan ODI series versus West Indies.

A tough challenge for the fast bowlers to bowl long spells in summer: Shaheen Afridi On Umran Malik

It’s possible that Malik and Ferguson have indeed been generating buzz owing to their pace, but Pakistani pace bowler Shaheen Shah Afridi has a completely different view on this theme. According to Shaheen, a bowler cannot rely on speed only to be successful. As per him, a bowler is required to keep a decent line and length in addition to maintaining pace.

Shaheen Afridi had an outstanding performance in the just-completed series versus Australia, and the left-arm bowler is certain that he would keep up his strong play moving forward. The young player, who is 22 years old, acknowledges that the high temperatures might provide a significant challenge during the series versus West Indies.

“The weather is hot but we are looking forward to playing good cricket in it. It would be a tough challenge for the fast bowlers to bowl long spells in summer but as a professional, we are ready to face it”, Shaheen added.

“This is an important series in terms of World Cup qualification which is why we don’t want to lose any match. Also, West Indies are a strong international side and it is not as if they are sending under-19 players for this series,” Shaheen said further.

The One-Day International (ODI) series involving Pakistan and West Indies was supposed to begin in December – last year, but it had to be rescheduled owing to many instances of the Covid-19 virus. The series will now begin on June 8, the opening game of the series is scheduled to take place at the Multan Cricket Stadium.

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