SA vs AUS: Excited To Play In Front Of My Family In SA Says Marnus Labuschagne

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Marnus Labuschagne will be cheered by many of his South African family members as he plays for the Australia cricket team in the one-day international cricket match on Saturday (29/02/2020). The Australian players play against the South African team. The venue for the match is Boland Park.

Few of the family members share his surname. His surname has become a sensation for entertainment, especially for the South African Players because there is quite a different way how the Australians pronounce his name.

Australians pronounce his name as Lab-u-Shane which is different from what Afrikaans pronounce. African pronounced his name as Lab-u-Scargh-nay. Marnus admits that he considers Lab-u-Shane as his taken name as of now he stays in Australia. He told this in the first conference which took place at his land of birth.

Marnus was born in Klerksdorp which was a mining town. Marnus’s father accepted a mining job and took his family to Australia. Marnus was in his 9 years almost about 10 years old when the whole family moved to Australia.

The “Australian way” of pronouncing his name began when Marnus started his schooling. Marnus also said that his name had a various number of forms and a few nicknames too. Marnus was keen on cricket when his family moved to Australia.

He completed his grade one to three in Potchefstroom that is when he played a bit of cricket but after he moved Australia he perfected the game as days passed.

 Marnus Labuschagne has never played the game in his homeland. It will be his first-ever time to play the match. Also, expressed that he was very happy about the fact that he is about to play in front of their family members. With this match, he will also get an opportunity to spend a few days with his family members.

Marnus; Still Remembers a Bit of Afrikaans

There is a greater possibility that the number of family members who will come to the stadium to watch the match might increase in the third and final ODI which is scheduled for March 7th.

When Marnus was asked for how many of his family members will attend the match from his homeland(Potchefstroom) ie where he began his school days?

He chucked and gave a sarcastic reply saying that it depends on the number of tickets that are being sold. Later he gave a rough count and said that it will be more than 20 people. This situation might give Marnsu to speak in his childhood language. Though he regards himself as an Australian but still remembers a bit of Afrikaans as he keeps revisiting Africa 

Labuschagne gave an outstanding performance in 2019 Test Cricket when he stepped in as a replacement for Steve Smith during the 2nd Ashes Test match against England.


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