Sachin Tendulkar Tweet Adds Up With Kumar Dharmasena Trolls

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Indian Legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar has tweeted a video of an unusual umpiring decision in a cricket match.

It was the video from the second division cricket match in England. In the match, it shows batsmen being declared not out after the ball hits the stumps but one of the bails gets dislodged but doesn’t fall off.

However, the tweet has resulted in former Sri Lankan player and umpire Kumar Dharmasena being trolled.

“A friend shared this video with me. Found it very unusual! What would your decision be if you were the umpire,” – Tendulkar tweeted.

It has been reported that Dharmasena admitted he made an error where he should have given one run less in the final overs of the match at Lord’s. In the finals when Ben Stokes was about to complete a second run, the ball thrown to the stumps deflected off the bat and made a boundary, it was where Dharmasena awarded six runs.

This error of awarding made the match to a tie and lead to super over. Even the super over couldn’t declare the winner of the tournament. However, England won the World Cup trophy with the boundary count.

Former Sri Lankan Test player Dharmasena told that he did not have the benefit of television replays which showed the batsmen had not crossed.

“I agree that there was an error of judgment when I see it on TV replays now,” -Dharmasena told.

“But we did not have the luxury of TV replays at the ground and I do not regret the decision I made.” – Dharmasena told.


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