Sachin Compares Fighting Corona To Batting In A Test Match

Sachin Compares Fighting Corona To Batting In A Test Match

“Patience Is Key In Fighting The Virus”

Cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar has been at the forefront in creating awareness about the deadly coronavirus pandemic. Now he has compared battling the virus to batting in a Test match, which requires patience.

The former world’s best batsman in his column to the newspaper Times of India wrote, “While the world battles the Covid-19 pandemic, this is probably the time for of us to draw lessons from the grand old format of the game,”

He added,” The virus is beyond our collective comprehension but can be beaten with tactics used in cricket’s five-day format.”

He also said,” Test cricket rewards you for respecting what you don’t understand. It makes you value the virtue of patience.”

He further wrote, “When you don’t understand the pitch conditions or the bowler, defense becomes the best form of attack. Patience is what we require now if we have to defend well.”

“To use a cricketing metaphor, while individual brilliance can help a team in shorter formats of the game, in Test cricket it is all about partnerships and teamwork and Test cricket is about staging comebacks. There is always a second innings if you’ve missed the first one,” he said.

“Different countries are at different stages of their fight against coronavirus. All nations should consider themselves part of one team. We shall take this battle session by session and eventually emerge victoriously”, he added.

Tendulkar Has Been Actively Taking Part In Educating About The Virus

Sachin also took the Safehands challenge along with other sportspersons, where he showed that washing hands thoroughly is key for the prevention of this disease.

He also posted a video about the measures one should take to protect themselves from getting infected by the disease, and steps do be considered if symptoms related to the disease occur.

The deadly virus has infected nearly 169 Indians and killed three people in the country.  Across the world, it has claimed almost 9,000 lives.

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