Royal Challengers Bangalore’s Meme Video On Donald Trump

Royal Challengers Bangalore's Meme Video On Donald Trump
Royal Challengers Bangalore's Meme Video On Donald Trump
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India Has The World’s Greatest Cricket Players- Donald Trump:

US President Donald Trump came to India for a two-day visit from 24th Feb to 25th Feb 2020. After visiting the Sabarmati Ashram with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he received a grand reception at the world’s largest cricket stadium, Motera Stadium. He is the 45th and current President of the United States.

On the public Meeting at the stadium, he mentioned some Bollywood and Cricket references in his speech. While addressing the audience in the Motera Cricket Stadium, Trump tried to pronounce Virat Kohli and Sachin Tendulkar but he struggled with his pronunciation.

He mentioned about India’s obsession with cricket. “In this country, people cheer on some of the World’s greatest cricket players like Virat Kohli and Sachin Tendulkar,” Donald Trump Said.

Donald Trump left India and reached home, but his famous speech still roaming around in India. Royal Challengers Bangalore edited Trump’s speech video to make a meme video.

Mr. President, Who Is The Trump Card Of RCB?:

In the video, a voice-over which was inserted by RCB asked, “Mr. President, Who is the trump card of RCB?” At the time, Donald Trump says the name of Virat Kohli (Virot Ko-lee).

Without a doubt, Kohli is one of the major players for India, as well as for RCB. For a while, he has been leading the Bangalore based franchise, but his team did not know the taste of tournament success.

RCB recruits some new players in this thirteenth edition. So, they are expecting to play better than the previous seasons of the IPL. The tournament for this season is all set to begin with all teams engaging in the established competitions and will be locking horns as the match is most intense than ever.

The tournament is starting on the 29th of March. But before IPL, the Indian players have to complete the ongoing Test series with New Zealand. Then India will host South Africa for an ODI series.

After the IPL, Team India’s main focus would be the coming T20I World Cup, which will be held in Australia in August this year.

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