Royal Challengers Bangalore Bag Glenn Maxwell


Glenn Maxwell was undoubtedly going to be the toast of IPL 2021 auctions. Even though he didn’t have a great IPL 2020 franchisees were still interested in him. Maxwell had set his base price to INR 2 crores while his fees last year with Kings XI Punjab was INR 10.75 crores. Kolkata Knight Riders were the first to bid for Maxwell at INR 2 crores and Rajasthan Royals entered the race at INR 2.20 crores.

It became a three horsed race with RCB entering the bidding war at 3.20 crores. While it seemed as if KKR and RCB were the only ones interested in Maxwell then Chennai Super Kings entered the race at INR 4.60 crores. From there on it was an outright battle between CSK and RCB with each of them outbidding the other. RCB made the final push at INR 14.25 crores and CSK relented by pulling out of the race.


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