Rohit Sharma should be assigned As T20I captain- Atul Wassan

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Atul Wassan opined That Kohli Leads From The Front And His Captaincy:

Virat Kohli was able to perform extremely well in all formats after taking over the reins from MS Dhoni. As the India record has improved significantly under Virat Kohli’s leadership, he has definitely been able to keep up with his words. 

Alongside making its way into the elite batsmen list, Kohli left his captain abilities no stones unturned. The 31-year-old has led the Indian side extensively across all formats and many feel the need for a split captaincy to reduce the workload of Kohli.

Former India Cricketer Atul Wassan believes that Rohit Sharma should be taking over as Team Captaincy from Kohli. According to Wassan, at least in T20Is, Rohit should be assigned as captain to destress the mind of Kohli. 

Wassan also felt Kohli is leading the front and his record as captain is exemplary. He said Kohli is the best in tests and ODIs and the right hand will also guide the side to the next World Cup. However, Rohit can be tried in T20I format to reduce a bit of workload off Kohli ‘s mind.

Atul Wassan Also Opened Up On Rishabh Pant’s Future

“I believe the split of captaincy is required. Virat wants to be captain in all formats but Rohit is an instinctive leader that has shown. He leads from the front. His record was good. Virat Kohli is king in test cricket. In ODIs, he should expect to be captain for the next World Cup. With the T20s, Virat should not take the stress and let Rohit Sharma lead, “said Wassan in a live session with media.

Wassan was also very worried about Rishabh Pant ‘s treatment. According to Wassan, Pant is the future, but he struggled to manage due to the comparison with MS Dhoni

Rishabh Pant ‘s handling has been sad. He is the future. He is in the MS Dhoni complex and is closely monitored. If you concentrate too much on him, you will spoil his game. Let them be once you’ve recognized talent.

Wassan also said that after Rishab Pant gains some maturity, he will get experience. According to Wassan who put on an Indian jersey in 4 tests and 9 ODIs, the young wicketkeeper would eventually become a winner for India. 

It may be said that with the shot selection he was irresponsible, but this is the nature of the beast is about. The more matches he plays, the more matches he can win. When you play him in 3 matches and drop him in the next 5 games, his trust will fall, “added Wassan.

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