Robin Uthappa Says That Watching Virat Kohli Batting Is Inspiring

Robin Uthappa
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Bowlers Have To Plan For Each Version- Robin Uthappa:

The skill of Virat Kohli to turn from one format to another surprise Robin Uthappa, who calls him a magnificent batting master. Uthappa points to Kohli ‘s complexities in each style, and often feels that not only the bowler but also the player who watches the game is shocked by his predictability in the batting. 

“When you watch him bat, you can see how clearly he intended the game as he said, you can see how clearly he has prepared.

“He hardly ever hits the ball in the air during a single-day cricket except when it is absolutely necessary. Similarly, in test cricket, only after he has crossed 120 or 150 he strikes the ball in the air. 

But he’s taking big shots with T20 cricket and long shots, so you don’t even think he’ll play them because you saw him playing so much good cricket on the field with ODI & Test cricket that you don’t expect him to do it.’

Because of this nature of the batting of Kohli, Uthappa thinks it’s the responsibility of bowlers to establish a specific strategy to constrain the batsman.

I Feel Rohit Sharma Has Got Eternity To Play A Ball:

“Suddenly, every format of the game must be planned by the bowlers. For me, someone like Virat Kohli, it is literally amazing how he approaches every format of the game.

That is one kind of encouraging because for him to admit these ideas and tell, ‘Okay, these are my T20 cricket shots, these are my one-day cricket shot, and these are my 5-day cricket shots.’ It’s kind of inspiring and incredible, “he added.

Kohli is not the only batsman to be highly regarded by Uthappa. Rohit Sharma is somebody who has left Uthappa speechless. In a single World Cup edition, Rohit was named the ICC ODI Cricketer of the Year 2019, becoming the first player in history to score five ODI centuries. 

In the international matches on Indian soil, he surpassed MS Dhoni for hitting maximum sixes. Rohit became the only player to have twin centuries in his first appearance as a test opener after assigned the responsibility of opening the batting during Tests.


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