Robin Uthappa Recalls MS Dhoni Spoke Out From Commentary Box To Kevin Pietersen That He Got His Wicket Once

MS Dhoni's wit

Former Indian cricketer Robin Uthappa reckoned that MS Dhoni’s wit is sharper than his wicketkeeping skills. The 35-year-old went down the memory lane when MS Dhoni, in a funny way, tried to get under former England skipper Kevin Pietersen’s skin. MS Dhoni’s antics were regarding a Test match between the two sides back in 2011.

MS Dhoni has bamboozled several batsmen with his lightning-quick work behind the stumps, former Indian captain MS Dhoni also ensured there wasn’t any death of entertainment for the cricket fans as he shared several gems from behind the stumps to his teammates.

For Instance, telling Ravindra Jadeja “Chal Jaddu, Chakka khaa ke bata” (Come on Jaddu, concede a six). His famous chirps from behind the stumps, especially during Test matches tickled the funny bones of the viewers and went on becoming a part of the lore. Another instance, the famous suggestion to Yuzvendra Chahal when he told him ‘Tilli isko dande par rakhna’ during a match against Australia. Apart from being one of the wisest cricketing brains in world cricket, Dhoni also is one of the wittiest players to have played the game.

Robin Uthappa Reckons MS Dhoni’s Wit Is Sharper Than His Glovework

Senior Indian cricketer Robin Uthappa, who has played with Dhoni since the 2007 T20 World Cup, shared interesting anecdotes about the Ranchi superstar’s wit on the field.

“I’ll give you an example. MS said to Kevin Pietersen when he sledged him from the commentary box. MS told him ‘listen I’ve gotten your wicket so please keep quiet. So, I think that is proof enough for what he endorses and what he doesn’t. He’s very quick-witted. His wit, if not the same speed as his glovework, it could be faster. MS’ wit is quick,” Uthappa said.

Uthappa also recalled a match from 2007 against Australia where Dhoni had given him the responsibility to sledge senior Australian cricketers like Ricky Ponting.

“In 2007 when we played a one-off T20 game against Australia, we were at it. MS would put me in charge of sledging some of the senior members of that Australia team like Ricky Ponting. So, in a one-day game, they would make me stand at silly point just to chew Ricky Ponting and all. It was great fun,” Uthappa added.

This concludes that Mahendra Singh Dhoni wasn’t an accomplished ‘Wordsmith’ but his he’s been gifted with a brilliant sense of humour that came in handy both and off the field.

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