Rizwan’s Unfortunate Dismissal Attracts Widespread Criticism

Rizwan's Unfortunate Dismissal Attracts Widespread Criticism
Rizwan's Unfortunate Dismissal Attracts Widespread Criticism
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Mohammed Rizwan, Pakistani batsman, dismissal in the first test match between Australia and Pakistan in Brisbane came in for criticism. The batsman was ruled caught behind despite the replays showing the bowler Pat Cummins had overstepped.

This incident took place in the 55th over when Mohammed Rizwan nicked Cummins to wicketkeeper Tim Paine. On-field umpires quickly checked with third umpire Michael Gough who ruled in favor of the bowler, although replays clearly showed no part of Cummins’ foot was behind the line.

Unfortunate dismissal of Mohammed Rizwan led to widespread criticism with both fans on social media and the experts including the host broadcaster Fox Cricket commentators like Adam Gilchrist, Shane Warne, and Brett Lee.

Here’s what the three of commentators said on Rizwan’s dismissal

Shane Warne

 “If I was Pakistan I would be disappointed with that decision because I thought there was no part of Pat Cummins’ foot behind the backline. So I thought it was a no-ball. I don’t think there was any doubt whatsoever. Talked about inconclusive and all that sort of garbage, it’s pretty simple for me. There was nothing behind the line. I’m feeling for Pakistan there, I think they were robbed.” 

Brett Lee

“That is a no-ball. I can’t see anything behind the line, as much as I want to form an Australian point of view. I can see there’s nothing behind the line. It looks like there’s half an inch.”

Adam Gilchrist

“Some part of your foot must land behind the line. You can clearly see there, as the rubber has landed, it’s all in the white zone. The white zone is owed to the batsman. The batsman owns that. Anything behind is the bowler. To me, that is an illegal delivery.”


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