Rizwan Discusses Changes He Saw After Winning Against India In T20 WC

Rizwan Discusses Changes
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The cricket match between India and Pakistan is the most exciting. Both countries are passionate about cricket, and the match between these two massive teams has been widely awaited throughout the globe. Rizwan Discusses Changes He Saw After Winning Against India In T20 WC.

Rizwan Discusses Changes After Winning Against India In T20 WC :

Furthermore, Pakistan keeper-batsman Mohammad Rizwan has spoken about the competition between the two sides. Many people told Rizwan before Pakistan’s T20 World Cup match versus India in 2021, advising him that the matchup against the ‘Men in Blue’ is the most crucial match of the tournament. Rizwan responded by saying that he will tackle the clash as if it were any other game.

“When we were playing the T20 World Cup a lot of people before the India game was like, “Yaar, tomorrow is the India game, the biggest game”, and so on. I was saying to them, “It’s just another match, I’m not feeling different. This is a normal game,” said Rizwan in an Interaction.

It’s my first game against India: Rizwan

Mohammad Rizwan made a half-century in the match versus India, helping the ‘Men in Green’ to a 10-wicket victory. And, according to Rizwan, after the game, he had incredible applause, with people showering their love and appreciation on the players.

“But I swear what I felt after that game, I can’t even describe that reception. Maybe because it was my first game against India or my first game at a World Cup, but the love and adulation that we got, we’re still feeling that. I remember in an interview before the game, somebody said, “You’re a star, but if you perform tomorrow, there’s a spot free to become a superstar.” I was just like, “Please, just hope that Pakistan wins,” added Rizwan.

Rizwan finished by saying that he still can’t believe how many people recognize him and want to have photographs with him.

“So if you ask me how I’m feeling now? Strange. I can’t get over the fact that kids are recognizing me, older people, families are recognizing me and wanting pictures,” concluded Rizwan.

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