‘Rizvi filed complaint Against Akhtar, Not PCB,’ Clarifies Board

‘Rizvi filed complaint Against Akhtar, Not PCB,’ Clarifies Board
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The Cricket Board in Pakistan on Thursday reported that it has not filed any complaint, against Shoaib Akhtar, the former pacer, with the cybercrime unit of the Federal Investigation Agency ( FIA), maintaining that the accusation has been made individually by its prosecutor, Tafazzul Rizvi. On Friday, Akhtar has called to the FIA office at Lahore.

“An undefined, nonsensical, unreliable, and ambiguous FIA Notification from Lahore was received. After proper consultation with my lawyer Salman Niazi, I ‘ll give my answer, “tweeted Akhtar.

But one PCB spokesperson told Akhtar that he had summoned on Rizvi’s complaint, and the board had nothing to do with that. “Tafazzul Rizvi ‘s capacity is in defamation of Shoaib Akhtar, and the board has filed no complaint against the fast bowler with the FIA,” the spokesperson said.

Rizvi had complained to the F.I.A. that through social media and his YouTube channel, Akhtar has been propagating and alleging false things against him. After the former fast bowler ripped him off on the channel, Rizvi sent two reports to Akhtar – one in Pakistan and one through a law firm in the U.K., looking for public disclaimers and damages worth ten million rupees.

The lawyer of Akhtar replied to a notice sent in Pakistan, but Rizvi said that a reply to a notice from the UK is pending. Rizvi made clear that he intended to proceed with his defamation of the fast bowler, who had made false allegations and tried to damage his legal standing.

However, the PCB has filed a complaint against three former and present members of its Governing Board with a cyber-crime cell from the FIA. The complaint has been filed after Shakeel Shaikh, Noman Butt, and Tariq Sarwar targeted PCB chief executive Wasim Khan.

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