Rishabh Pant vs Wriddhiman Saha: Former Indian Wicket-Keeper Wants This Player To Play In 2nd Test

Wriddhiman Saha Back To The Form, Sidelining Rishabh Pant
Wriddhiman Saha Back To The Form, Sidelining Rishabh Pant
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Former Indian wicketkeeper Syed Kirmani wants the Bengal veteran Wriddhiman Saha to play in the second Test against the West Indies instead of Rishabh Pant. This is because Kirmani feels that Pant had a lot to learn – when wicket-keeping is concerned.

Pant has disappointed everyone with his inconsistent performance in both the World Cup and in the ongoing West Indies tour. However, Kirmani feels that in spite of Saha being injured, he deserves equal opportunity just like Pant as a keeper.

“Yeh abhi jhule main hai (He is still in his infancy). But he is God gifted but needs to learn a lot. It’s the most difficult position on the field. Not everyone can do keeping by just wearing a pair of gloves,” – Kirmani told.

“Saha, unfortunately, had some injury problems. He has to be given equal opportunity. What’s the point of keeping him in the side, if you do not give him a chance,” – Kirmani questioned.

“We have to judge on pure performance. Saha came to Indian side following his consistency at the domestic level. But when you’re out of the picture, somebody else takes over your place, so the likes of Karthik and Pant came into the picture. Now we have to see who’s is more consistent on the field — be it in batting, wicketkeeping or in terms of all-round abilities,” – Kirmani said.

Kirmani was seen to be irritated with constant speculation over Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s future.

“Leave him alone. There will be a time when he will retire, but we must stop talking about his retirement now.”

Further, Kirmani wants Dhoni to groom the youngsters in the side before calling it quits. Looking on the issue of Conflict of interest, Kirmani seemed to be on the same page with Justice Lodha panel’s verdict that there can’t be multiple sources of earning for any player.

“If anyone violates this clause, you’re liable to be questioned as it is a conflict of interest. You cannot be earning from multiple sources. Why give room to any allegations? I want to generalize here. Be honest and sincere in all your deeds, that is my message to one and all,” – Kirmani said.

Former India captain Sourav Ganguly is the one who is against the conflict of interest clause and wanted BCCI to look into the rule of conflict in a practical way and allow people to be into the different roles.

“If you have done something wrong. You may be whoever, you will be pulled up by the law. There is no such thing as ‘I’m so and so’,” – Kirmani added.

Speaking on to Virat Kirmani said he is the only cricketer seen to maintain a great consistency on the field.

“The kind of consistency I have seen in Virat Kohli, I’ve neither seen in any cricketer of my era nor the current era. He has a got a great phenomenal consistency. He is a game-changer. He could be breaking the existing records of Tendulkar if he continues his consistency,” – he said about Kohli.

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