CCTV shows the moment Rishabh Pant’s car crashed, Know the whole incident in 5 points

Rishabh Pant accident news
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Rishabh Pant accident update: Security footage captured the moment cricketer Rishabh Pant’s car suddenly hit the divider. Unsettling video from Uttarakhand showed a Mercedes-AMG GLE43 Coupe slamming into a divider at a high rate of speed. After the collision near Roorkee, his car caught fire, forcing him to escape by shattering the windscreen.

According to a formal statement, the cricketer suffered cuts to his forehead, a ligament tear in his knee, and numerous other wounds to his wrist, legs, and back.

His condition is not critical, and he is in Max hospital in Dehradun.

When the accident happened, Pant was travelling from Delhi to his house in Roorkee to surprise his mother and celebrate the New Year with his family.

5 quick updates about Rishabh Pant’s car accident:

  1. Following the collision at around 5:30 in the morning, Rishabh Pant’s Mercedes caught fire.
  2. He suffered two cuts to his forehead, a right knee ligament tear, and injuries to his right wrist, ankle, and toe. His back has abrasion wounds as well.
  3. According to the director general of police for Uttarakhand, Mr. Ashok Kumar, the 25-year-old claimed he lost control of the vehicle because he dozed off while driving.
  4. Rishabh Pant, who was driving alone at the time of the collision, broke the windscreen to escape.
  5. He is presently being under observation at the Max hospital in Dehradun.

Rishabh Pant accident video

The wicketkeeper batter said that he dozed off and lost control of the vehicle, said police.

Speaking to the media, Dr. Ashish Yagnik, Medical Superintendent at Max Hospital in Dehradun, stated that the cricket player appeared to be stable and had no serious injuries.

“He is under evaluation and a team of doctors is attending to him. Only after some tests can we tell more. As of now, he is stable and there is not much to worry about,” Yagnik said.

“A team of doctors is talking to him and based on what he is telling us about the injuries, he is getting evaluated. Prima facie, we did not find any serious injuries. Orthopaedic and plastic surgeons are attending him,” Yagnik further said, adding that the hospital will soon issue a health bulletin.

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Rishabh Pant is in stable condition, confirms BCCI

BCCI confirmed that the star cricketer is in condition now. The BCCI is in constant touch with Rishabh’s family. While the Medical Team is in close contact with the doctors currently treating Rishabh.

“Rishabh’s condition remains stable, and he has now been shifted to Max Hospital, Dehradun, where he will undergo MRI scans to ascertain the extent of his injuries and formulate his further course of treatment.

The BCCI is in constant touch with Rishabh’s family. While the Medical Team is in close contact with the doctors currently treating Rishabh. The Board will see to it that Rishabh receives the best possible medical care and gets all the support he needs to come out of this traumatic phase,” BCCI in an official media release.

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