Rich Tributes Paid To Bob Woolmer

Rich Tributes Paid To Bob Woolmer
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Bob Woolmer died on March 18, 2007:

Former captains of Pakistan, Inzamam Ul Haq, and Shoaib Malik sent moving tribute for their ex-coach Bob Woolmer. He passed away 13 years ago on 18th March 2007 just before the shocking defeat of Pakistan against Ireland at the ICC World Cup in West-Indies.

At that series, Pakistan was knocked out from the multi-national tournament but Woolmer’s unfortunate death shocked everyone.

Shoaib Malik has given his tribute to Bob Woolmer through social media. He has written in that post “ Miss you coach #RIPBobWoolmer.”

Inzamam-Ul-Haq Tribute:

Inzamam-Ul-Haq, who was the captain of the Pakistan team during the tenure of Woolmer dedicated a show on his YouTube Channel to give tribute to the late Bob Woolmer.

In that show, Inzamam shared a couple of things about the relationship between him and Woolmer and said that “Woolmer and I spend many great moments together. In my entire life, I have never seen a coach, who was so much organized.”

“ I have learned a lot of things from him. He never used to compel anything upon the team selectors. Only he used to bring me the stats and never undermined the captain of the team regarding the players’ selection”.

Inzamam further added “ On that day, when we lost the game against Ireland, we came into the dressing room silently. He asked me about the further plan and I replied that let’s discuss this tomorrow on breakfast”. But he never came. After the conversation, I went back to my room and after some time I got a call from someone to come into his room.”

“Police was already there and they didn’t permit to go inside his room. They took him to the hospital but very soon news came that Bob Woolmer was passed away. The whole team was stunned by the news. The doctors announced that death as a murder and this thing shocked everyone”.

“At first the Jamaican police said that they were guessing that it was a murder but three months later they declared that it was a natural death”.


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