RCB Likely To Retain Virat Kohli And Glenn Maxwell For IPL 2022

Virat Kohli and Glenn Maxwell
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The Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) are expected to hold Virat Kohli and Glenn Maxwell before the big auctions, with the remaining 2 spots contested by Devdutt Padikkal, Yuzvendra Chahal, and Mohammed Siraj, Harshal Patel.

Siraj has quickly climbed through the ranks to become one of the team’s constants, as has Chahal, whereas Padikkal has been the preferred opener since his IPL debut in 2020. Harshal Patel, who just made his T20I debut versus New Zealand at home, set a new record for wicket-taking in the 2021 IPL with 32 wickets.

RCB must also choose a new captain after Kohli, who has led the team since 2013, opted to step down. He did, however, state that he intends to stay with the squad since he “can’t think of being with any other team other than RCB.” Even though RCB is yet to win a trophy under Kohli, he has been the best player in the game.

This year there is no Right to Match (RTM) card availability

Current franchises are not allowed to keep more than 3 Indians and 2 outside players, and no team could preserve more than 2 uncapped players. The new franchises can select two Indians, one international player, and one uncapped player. This year, there is no Right to Match (RTM) card availability.

The teams will be auctioned off for INR 90 crores, with the 8 current franchises permitted to keep up to 4 players. The 2 additional franchises, Lucknow and Ahmedabad, will be able to select 3 players once the current teams have decided which players to keep and which to put into the bidding area.

In terms of funds, current teams can spend up to INR 42 crore on preserved players. If a team keeps 4 players, the pay maximum will be reduced by INR 16 crore for Player 1, INR 12 crore for Player 2, INR 8 crore for Player 3, and INR 6 crore for Player 4.

If 3 players are engaged, the reductions for Player 1 would be INR 15 crore, Player 2 will be INR 11 crore, and Player 3 will be INR 7 crore. If two players are kept, the payments are INR 14 crore and INR 10 crore, respectively, whereas a single player would have INR 14 crore subtracted from the bidding pool. The comparable numbers for new teams with 3, 2, or one player(s) retained seem to be the same.

Furthermore, it is recognized that the stated figures are the very minimums that will be removed from a franchise’s bidding total. Therefore, if the agreement player payment with a preserved player exceeds the maximum, the larger amount will be taken from the payout. On the other hand, if a preserved player’s player fee is much less than the threshold, an amount equivalent to the appropriate sum given out above will be taken from the franchise’s fund.

The BCCI has requested current teams to hold the players by November 30, while new teams have a timeframe from December 1 to 25 to select up to 3 non-retained players.

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