Rashid Khan And Nabi Both Made Appeals For Peace In Their Country

Rashid Khan and Mohammad Nabi
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Following the Taliban’s takeover, the situation in Afghanistan is rapidly deteriorating. Thousands of individuals already have been forced to leave their homes in the midst of the situation in order to provide a safer environment for their family members. However, the most recent airport assaults in Kabul, the country’s capital, have startled and alarmed the public, Afghanistan players Rashid Khan and Mohammad Nabi turned to social media in the aftermath of the Kabul assaults to call for peace in their country. While competing with The Hundred in the United Kingdom, star spinner Rashid Khan also appealed for peace in his homeland. Due to the recent upheaval in the countries, it is unclear whether they would be allowed to compete in the T20 World Cup.

β€œKabul is bleeding again STOP KILLING AFGHAN PLEASE,” added Rashid Khan.


β€œI express my deepest condolences to my countrymen who lost their lives in today’s attack in the vicinity of Kabul airport. We condemn such attacks on the strongest possible terms and urge the world to help Afghans get through these tough times,” tweeted Mohammad Nabi.


We have a fantastic group of lads and they have really rallied around: Gregory

It should be remembered that two suicide attacks at Kabul Airport on Thursday killed 60 Afghans and 13 US soldiers, spreading devastation to the country. ISIS has expressed support for the assaults, and US President Joe Biden has indicated that he is prepared to take harsh measures against anyone responsible.

Rashid Khan expressed his support for Afghanistan by painting the national flag on his face while performing the new 100-ball format tournament The Hundred. Khan proudly displayed his passion for the Afghan flag at the Trent Rockets’ game versus the Southern Brave, even after the Taliban took control of the country. When the Rockets realized Khan wasn’t theirs, they took wonderful care of him, according to head coach Lewis Gregory.

β€œWe have a fantastic group of lads and they have really rallied around him, trying to keep him busy and look after him as much as we can,” stated Gregory.

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