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Who Is The Best Cricket Commentator In The World?
6 best cricket commentators
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Cricket commentary is a grossly underrated part of the game. The International Cricket Commentators bring in an altogether different value to the sport. They take the sport to the next level. Any sporting moment is incomplete without a beautiful piece of commentary. There have been so many iconic moments that has been elevated owing to the voice behind the mike. Commentators deliver the pause, the praise, the criticism with aplomb. There have been many great cricket commentators over the years. Here is Who Is The Best Cricket Commentator In The World?

Who Is The Best Cricket Commentator In The World?

#6 Mark Nicholas

Mark Nicholas is one of the soothing voices in cricket. The moment you hear a crystal clear English voice you can be sure it will be Mark Nicholas. A former English cricketer who had played more than 350 first-class games, his experience shines through his voice. Nicholas is calm and collected in his broadcasting approach. His calling of Ben Stokes’ iconic innings at Leeds is one of the best moments of the modern game.

#5 Simon Doull

Simon Doull is one commentator who has really come of age. His big booming voice is a reflection of his personality. He is one of those rare commentators who is unbiased. His eagerness to understand different cricketing cultures makes him stand apart. He is a fine gentleman with whom cricketers do seem to share a great rapport as well. Doull is one of the most respected cricket voices currently.

#4 Michael Atherton 

Michael Atherton is arguably the most unbiased English commentator. His smooth silken voice is a delight to hear. Atherton’s special ability to call the game as it is makes him unique. He is someone who never resorts to any over-the-top antics. The game might have evolved rapidly over the years but Atherton’s calmness has been a constant.

#3 Ian Smith

Ian Smith is another legendary New Zealand voice. He is one of the most passionate commentators in the game currently. His unforgettable rendition of the World Cup 2019 finals is historic. “England have won the World Cup by the barest of margins, by the barest of all margins, absolute ecstasy for England, agony, AGONY for New Zealand”. One can never ever get this out of the head.

#2 Ian Bishop

Ian Bishop is an exact contradiction to his giant personality. He was a typical big-burly West Indian fast bowler during his playing days. But he is quite a contrast when it comes to broadcasting. He is a soft and very unassuming commentator. Bishop often lets the silence speak louder.

His moment under the sun as commentator though came in the 2016 T20 World Cup finals. He historically called the winning moment. Bishop was quoted saying, “Carlos Brathwaiteeee, Carlos Brathwaite, REMEMBER THE NAME”. He instantly became a household name post that. His broadcasting life came a full circle in the 2019 ODI World Cup. This time too he was the one who called, “The dream has diminished for Carlos Brathwaite in Manchester.”

#1 Harsha Bhogle

Harsha Bhogle is undoubtedly the best commentator currently. There is very little to describe the voice of cricket. He is a worthy successor to the original voice of cricket, Richard Benaud. His famous one-liners are now part of cricketing folklore.

He once spoke about Dravid saying, “ Ask him (Rahul  Dravid) to walk on water and he’ll ask, how many kilometers.” Harsha once retorted strongly to Geoffrey Boycott when he tried to troll Sachin for not getting a 100 at Lords”. Bhogle quipped, So, whose loss it?”. But one of his iconic lines remains when he gushed about Yuvraj Singh during the 2007 T20 World Cup semifinal. He boomed, “This is Yuvraj unleashed, absolutely unleashed:”

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