Rachael Haynes Is Ready To Put The First Half Of WBBL | 05 Behind Her

Rachael Haynes Is Ready To Put The First Half Of WBBL|05 Behind Her
Rachael Haynes Is Ready To Put The First Half Of WBBL|05 Behind Her

Rachael Haynes, the captain of Sydney Thunders, is all set to put the first half of the WBBL (Women’s Big Bash League) | 05 behind her after a freak injury.

Rachael Haynes has observed herself that her batting in the previous week was poor. Rachael thought that she must have crossed paths with the proverbial black cat. While trying to break up an alleged “turf war” between her pet cat “lily,” she sustained an accidental bite. Because of this injury, Rachael has been ruled out of Sunday’s match.

That painless bite infected with Rachael severely swelling foot. She said, “When it happened, I actually couldn’t believe what was going on, I woke up the next morning, and I was like, ‘okay, I just need to hit the pause button here because this is getting ridiculous’. She did force me to hit the pause button because I couldn’t walk. It was weird having to call my coach and the physio to let them know what happened, but it’s one of those stories you just couldn’t make up.”

On Tuesday’s match, Thunders number 3 has returned to play against Scorchers but this time she was failed to make fortunes with her bat. After six innings of this season, Rachael Haynes has scored 63 runs in at 10.5, and her top score is 36.

It’s a frustrating run for a 32-year-old batsman who came into WBBL|05 off the back of her maiden international century, against Sri Lanka in October.

Haynes said of her recent form.”It’s been pretty underwhelming, to be honest. But you go through periods like this. I feel like I’m hitting the ball really well in the nets, but every opportunity there’s been in a match to get out, I’ve gotten out. You haven’t got time to be too down about it, you’ve just got to keep moving on. And I’m working hard on my game and I know it’s going to turn, so I’ve just got to stay nice and patient and be really clear on what I’m trying to do out in the middle.”

Good news for Haynes and her Thunders teammates is that the foot injury is now behind her – and relations with her pet cat Lily have also been repaired.

“She said she has forgiven me, for getting in her way,” Rachael laughed.


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