R Ashwin Reacts To Gautam Gambhir’s Tweet On David Warner’s Six

R Ashwin Reacts To Gautam Gambhir’s Tweet On David Warner’s Six
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A fresh chapter has been added to the subject about cricket’s spirit. This time, it is Gautam Gambhir who has sparked a Twitter debate. The event on which he has decided to comment unfolded during the Men’s T20 World Cup 2021 semi-final, he even tagged R Ashwin and asked about he’s Openion.

Pakistani captain, Babar Azam has given the eighth over of the Australian innings to Mohammad Hafeez. The ball skipped out of his hand and transformed into a half-tracker as he missed to land it in the right spot. The ball bounced two or three times before going away from the pitch’s surface.

“Absolutely pathetic display of spirit of the game by Warner”, Tweets Gambhir

The ball would’ve been deemed a no-ball, and David Warner, who was on strike, realized he couldn’t get out of it. Yet, he reached out from virtually outside the pitch and got a full-fledged hit as the ball flew into the seats for a six. The umpire ruled it a no-ball, costing Pakistan 7 runs and allowing them to hit the following delivery for a free hit.

Recently, Gambhir has shared an image of David Warner performing it. He said, “What an absolutely pathetic display of spirit of the game by Warner! #Shameful What say @ashwinravi99?” This is simply a call back to the whole incident of R Ashwin and Eoin Morgan which happened during the second leg of the IPL 2021.

In fact, according to another tweet, Gambhir remarked on Star Sports’ post-match program, which is the major broadcaster for the T20 World Cup 2021, “Ricky Ponting, Shane Warne talk a lot about Sportsmanship, let’s see what they’ve to say about David Warner Six. The ball slipped from Hafeez’s hand Warner shouldn’t have done that, he stole 6 runs, I want to see if they tweet about it.”



In response to Gambhir’s tweet, Peter Lalor, a well-known Australian journalist and cricket expert, said, “Bad take Gautam,” as if to suggest that Gambhir’s decision was incorrect. “His point is that if this is right, that was right,”  R Ashwin said in support of Gambhir. If it was wrong, then this is wrong as well. “Fair assessment?” In addition, Ashwin complimented Warner’s hit in another Tweet.

What the Indian off-spinner was trying to imply was that if this scenario wasn’t incorrect, then how was Ashwin’s additional run in that game wrong? And if this is right, why isn’t that right?

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