R Ashwin changes Twitter Name To Raise Awareness About Covid-19

R Ashwin changes Twitter Name To Raise Awareness About Covid-19
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Ravichandran Ashwin Advised To Stay Indoors:

There’s a massive campaign going on in India where everyone has asked to practice social distancing to prevent Covid-19 from spreading. In this coronavirus pandemic, the authorities are telling people to stay at home.

On March 22, Prime Minister delivered a speech in which he called for a Janta Curfew, and it was a big success. Now, Covid-19 cases are about to cross 500 in India, most states have declared a lockdown with the restricted movement for the people.

R Ashwin has been continuously encouraging the population to stay inside their homes to fight the virus during this challenging time for the world. He went even further, changing his username to ‘let us stay India indoors’ to raise awareness of the situation. Ashwin was pretty adamant about the steps that must be taken during this time, and this was another step in that direction.

Ashwin had earlier claimed that in these trying times, both people and the society need to be responsible for themselves. So far, Coronavirus has claimed more than 16,500 lives, and about 390,000 have been infected worldwide.

The Entire Sporting Calendar Has Been Shredded By The Outbreak Of The Coronavirus:

The spread of the virus has destroyed the entire sporting calendar of a year in which many international sporting competitions are scheduled to take place.

Ashwin believes that people will have to stick together to combat the ‘common enemy’, and self-discipline is required for that to happen.

Ashwin also quoted that “India might be a country where the illness can be very nasty, and self-discipline in terms of what we offer to the society is extremely low.

“I was reading an article in which neighbors bullying an infected person in Maharashtra. We are battling an unseen enemy.

“There’s a lot of fear that’s set in, but ignorance is also there. It is frustrating. In a country like India, to get escaped from such a virus, you have to rely on a bit of luck, “he added.


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