“Pollard Was Shocked To See First Offer From MI” – Bravo

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West Indies All-rounder Dwayne Bravo revealed that on his recommendation Mumbai Indians roped in Kieron Pollard in their Team back in the year 2010.

In a recent interview, he revealed this secret and said – “When Mumbai Indians needed a replacement for me, I gave them Kieron Pollard’s name. When they tried contacting him, he was playing for a club, so I recommended Dwayne Smith and he became my replacement,”

He even added – “The following year, when it was the Champions League, I called Rahul (Sanghvi) and told Pollard, he’s here. Come and sign him now before the tournament starts. Rahul and Robin Singh left Mumbai and came to Hyderabad, I’ll never forget they came with a contract which at that time was 200,000 USD.”

Currently, Mumbai Indians can not see themselves without Kieron Pollard in their setup. He has revealed a small glimpse – how he surprised Pollard – “I called Pollard, who came downstairs and met them both in the lobby. He saw the contract. Now for s coming from Trinidad, as a 19-year-old, that was wow. He said, ‘Dwayne are you serious?”

Pollard was unbelievable right from the start of his cricketing career – “It so happened in that same tournament, Pollard was unbelievable. The entire world stood on their feet and applauded him. Everyone wanted to know who’s this kid. When a shout came around that Mumbai already signed him, it was forced to go into the mini-auction.” Bravo Said.

He even added and said – “IPL had put up a clause that no franchise can pay more than 750,000 USD to get him and eventually Mumbai won the bid. You cannot see Mumbai Indians without Pollard today,”

There were few games Pollard has lea MI from the front in the absence of skipper Rohit Sharma. He was also the white ball captain of the West Indies national cricket team.


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