PCB is Unlikely to grant NOC to Pakistani players for BBL

Pakistani players for BBL
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Frustration among the top Pakistani players, as they feel that they are missing out on big money by not playing in the big league around the world. PCB is refusing to give no-objection certificates to the Pakistani players for BBL and to play in other leagues, the reason for not giving NOC is because of the compact domestic and international schedules.

Some players are under contract and some are not, and it is still not clear why players with no contracts with PCB are also not allowed to play in other leagues.

Even with the new league which is in the Inaugural phase, UAE International league T20 (ILT 20) Pakistani players are unsure whether they will be given NOCs or not. Ramiz Raja the current chairman of PCB, is unclear regarding the “PSL plus one” policy for the players to play across other leagues around the world.

PCB Chief Ehsan Mani stated that the board will review their opinion on Franchisee-based professional cricket leagues played around the globe, Mani even stated that he will not allow Pakistani players to participate in the other leagues until he is convinced regarding the financial situation along with the assurance from ICC.

They say that Pakistani players get trapped, and it’s PCB’s priority to protect the players and the reputation of Pakistan.

When we look into the past PCB has never formally negotiated with players regarding their contracts, and players have rarely had any kind of clash regarding the contracts, but the current players are increasingly aware of their commercial value and how to sign a proper contract.

Generally, it’s the agents who look after the contracts but PCB refuses to deal with the contracts, as of now according to PCB’s behavior it feels very unlikely to grand the NOC’s players to play in other leagues.

None of the Pakistani players have entered the BBL draft at this point. Additionally, no affirmation has been given on whether they will be permitted to play in the recently introduced ILT20 in the UAE or CSA’s T20 league.

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