Pat Cummins On His Hopes Of Becoming Australia’s Captain

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Cricket is a game in which the bat and the ball compete – However, it really would be nice if the game that appears to be simple was actually simple. Both bowlers and batsmen are essential to the sport, and neither can be overlooked. It won’t be unreasonable to expect bowlers to be the game’s leaders and captains. However, hitters continue to dominate not only the game but also the captaincy position in modern-day cricket. Pat Cummins on his hopes of becoming Australia’s captain.

Australia, thanks to a piece of sandpaper that transformed the entire landscape of their cricket, has had continual discussions surrounding the leadership role in the past few years. While Tim Paine has retained the position since the ball-tampering episode at Newlands, many do not see him as a long-term solution. The discussion over who should lead the squad has continued for years, with some calling for Steve Smith’s return, some supporting the present captain, and yet others preferring a fresh face, Pat Cummins.

Since Riche Benaud in the 1960s, Australia has not had a bowler as leadership in Test cricket. Since then, the squad has had 18 captains, all of whom have been batters or all-rounders, but none of them has been a specialist bowler. However, so many of these cricketers are hoping for Cummins to assume the lead. The 28-year-old shared his position on the subject later on the Anubhav Jain show.

As long as I’m in the Team, I try and help them out in the best way possible- Cummins

“Honestly, I am not too fussed about it. I am a bowler; I love bowling and I love playing. As long as I am in the team, I am stoked and [look for] where I can help out [the team]. Tim Paine has been doing a great job in the Test side and Finchy [Aaron Finch] with the One Day Internationals and T20Is. I try and help them out in the best way possible,” said Cummins on being asked to share his views on the captaincy debate.

“In terms of the future, I don’t have too much experience, so it is nice that I have been mentioned [for the role of captaincy]. If it happens, it will be great and I will try my best. If it does not, [that’s] also great. As long as I am playing for Australia, I don’t give a huge amount of time to think this,” he added.

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