PAK Will Be Under Pressure To Face IND In T20-WC: Imam-ul-Haq

Why Pakistan Face Pressure In World Cup In Front Of India?
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The T20 World Cup in 2021 will include a historic match between India and Pakistan. On October 24, 2021, the battle among both rivals will face off in Dubai. Here is Why Pakistan Face Pressure In World Cup In Front Of India?

Why Pakistan Face Pressure In World Cup In Front Of India?

And, before this high-profile match, Pakistan player Imam-ul-Haq has said that Pakistan is under pressure from India since they do not engage in bilateral series versus Virat Kohli’s side.

Imam-ul-Haq went on to explain that while young Pakistani players are under a great deal of pressure as they are playing India in a multi-nation contest, India has a lot of experienced players who can handle a lot more pressure.

“I think the biggest factor is that we don’t play bilateral series against India. The match between India and Pakistan is always a big match as we either play them in a World Cup knockout or in the group stage. That pressure becomes difficult for our young players to handle. Meanwhile, India has more experienced players in their team and they know how to cope up with the pressure,” said Imam-ul-Haq.

Indian team is better than the Pakistani team: Imam-ul-Haq

Excluding the capability to face pressure, Imam-ul-Haq also stated that India and Pakistan were at an equal level. Imam-ul-Haq went on to say that he never wants Pakistan to fail, but that the T20 World Cup match against India this year will be challenging.

“Apart from this, there is no other reason to say that the Indian team is better than the Pakistani team. As a Pakistani, I would never want Pakistan to lose InshaAllah we will beat them but realistically, it would be a very tough game,” concluded Imam-ul-Haq.

Whether it may be ODIs or T20Is, Pakistan has never been able to overcome India in World Cups. The last time India and Pakistan faced on an international stage was during the 2019 World Cup fifty-over tournament, which India won by 89 runs against Pakistan.

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