Pak Pacer Mohammad Hasnain’s Bowling Action Cleared by ICC

Pak Pacer Mohammad Hasnain's Bowling Action
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After the amount of elbow extension in the evaluation was within the 15-degree threshold of tolerance allowed under the ICC Illegal Bowling Regulations, Pakistan Cricket Board declared today that fast bowler Mohammad Hasnain’s bowling action was found to be legal.

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) mentioned, “within the 15-degree level of tolerance”.
“As such, he can now resume bowling in international cricket and all domestic cricket worldwide,” the PCB statement read.

After receiving an official and detailed report from Cricket Australia on Hasnain’s assessment test, the PCB conducted its own test, which revealed that his elbow extension for his decent length delivery, full-length delivery, slow bouncer, and bouncer exceeded the 15-degree limitations.

Hasnain was observed to be rotating his arm to swing the ball during an early assessment. This procedure was inefficient and resulted in a jerk. His landing was erratic in order to bowl faster deliveries, causing his alignment to be off. The core of his new bowling action is understood to be the same, but his wrist, arm rotation, and landing have been modified, allowing him to bowl with consistent and repeatable action. Hasnain delivered almost 5000 balls and practiced shadow bowling with the guidance of Rasheed, who helped him fix his alignment.

However, the board stated that after Hasnain’s bowling action was corrected at the National High-Performance Centre, he underwent the most recent test on May 21 at the ICC recognized biomechanics lab in Lahore, the results of which were reported to the game’s apex body and Cricket Australia.

Hasnain’s bowling motion was reassessed last month in Lahore, and the report was verified by Cricket Australia’s independent experts, according to the board. The right-arm fast bowler had been a frequent member of Pakistan’s white-ball squads, claiming a hat-trick against Sri Lanka in a Twenty20 International in 2019.

Mohammad Hasnain, arguably Pakistan’s fastest bowler, broke through the age categories to make his domestic debut in 2018. Apart from his high-speed talent, he can also swing the ball a long far, and it’s this lethal combination that saw him fast-tracked to the point where he shockingly made Pakistan’s World Cup squad in 2019, despite only having featured in a few bilateral ODIs previously.

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