No Players Complained About Virat Kohli – BCCI Treasurer

Did Any Player Complained About Virat Kohli
Courtesy: Virat Kohli Instagram

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is annoyed with some fake media reports stating that some of the Indian cricketers have complained to the board about Kohli’s captaincy. There were few media reports which spoke against Virat Kohli and even raised few false statements about BCCI. Stay with us to know Did Any Player Complained About Virat Kohli.

Did Any Player Complained About Virat Kohli

There were few rumours which were stating that – “BCCI has already planned to remove Virat Kohli from T20 captaincy” & “Kohli had gone to the BCCI to remove Rohit Sharma as the vice-captain of the team”. BCCI was vexed after hearing all those statements which were published by some of the top media houses.

Finally, BCCI has decided to respond on this issue and gave proper clarity to all the beloved Indian fans.

BCCI treasurer Mr. Arun Dhumal said  – “The media must stop writing this rubbish. Let me say this on the record that no Indian cricketer has made any complaint to the BCCI – written or verbal. The BCCI can’t keep answering every false report that keeps appearing. The other day, we saw some reports saying there will be changes in India’s World Cup squad. Who said that?”

Do not Spread Any False information about Indian Cricket – Arun Dhumal

The BCCI has also said that they were in shock when they have seen a few media headlines about Kohli’s resignation as if they seem to know everything about the Indian Team. Even the board was in shock after his announcement because no one had any clue about this.

Arun Dhumal has further stated that – “This kind of reporting harms Indian cricket more than anything else. We can understand if senior journalists – who have followed the game for a very long time and tracked it so devotedly – believe the Indian team should do this or do that. That’s an opinion and we respect that. It’s an observation and that’s their job. I enjoy reading good reports. But to concoct tales and say this person said this or that person said that, without substantiating it, is not done”

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