No IPL, No Salaries: Indian Cricketers Association (ICA) Chief

ICA Ashok Malhotra IPL

ICA President Ashok Malhotra: “ No Play, No Pay”

No Game, No Pay, this could be the luck of the cricketers, who have signed up for the 13th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL). It has been postponed and seems like not going further if BCCI doesn’t figure another window later this year by compromising with some bilateral commitments.

A senior official of an IPL franchise said to PTI “ the strategy of payments of IPL is that 15% amount is paid before a week of the tournament, 65% more is paid at the time of the tournament and the remaining 20% amount is paid after the tournament ends within a predetermined time period.”

Also, he added “ The BCCI has some rule s and regulations. As of now, not a single player will be paid.”

The president of the Indian Cricketers’ Association (ICA) Ashok Malhotra admitted that the economic conditions of a season without IPL could be very big.

According to him, even the domestic cricketers may have to admit pay cuts in case losses crossed over thousands of crores due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Now BCCI is searching for another window as a chance of a shortened IPL in the month of May, which also looks dim but till now nothing is finalized.

If there is no play, how can we pay that much of amount: Another Franchise

Another official franchise makes it clear that the players’ salaries are not insured for this pandemic. He said “ We will not going to get any money from the insurance organization as the ongoing pandemic is not covered in their clause. Each and every franchise has salary outflows starting from 75 to 85 crores. If there is no play, how can we pay that much of amount.”

Also, he added that “ Starting from La Liga, English Premier League to Bundesliga, all the players are accepting pay cuts. And also there is not any type of certainty of when the things get back to normal.”



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