NFL Style Fantasy For Cricket

NFL Style Fantasy league For Cricket

We are huge fans of the NFL (National Football League) and the fantasy league. Our aim at StumpsandBails is to bring you the same model for cricket.

Cricket lovers have missed the fantasy league big time! StumpsandBails’ fantasy league is all set to plug that gap. You will now have an NFL-styled fantasy league for cricket too. We believe diehard fans like you deserve a fantasy game like this. This isn’t your average team prediction or player prediction game! It is the boss of everything.

StumpsandBails fantasy league game is similar to the NFL fantasy league. The only difference being this time it’s for cricket. This is played for an Entire tournament and this will have the same drafting techniques as Snake and Auction Drafts.

This will be more interesting by Trading, Bidding, and Transferring players from your teams. And you can even compare player’s stats and based on their performance – your position on the leader board will be changed.

Isn’t it exciting?

OK, more details please., Sure! why not?!

Who can play this NFL style for cricket game? Is there any age restriction?

The best part about the game is that there is no age restriction on players participating. Anyone from the age of 3-30, 6-60 can play this game. It is the only game that allows all generations to feature and compete.

Can one’s friends join and play the game together?

The answer is a big yes! One can invite one’s friend to take part in the league. They can create their own teams. All the friends can then compete to win the big prize at the end of the league. The entire team is yours, you can name it and shuffle the team according to your wish!

How does one create a league/team in StumpsandBails American Style Fantasy Game?
Creating a league is pretty simple. Click on create a league and fill few mandatory fields like league name, team name, and team short name. This is it you are ready with your own private league!

Once you have created the league, you can send over the invitation to your friends. Post them accepting it, they may well go on to create teams of their choice through the drafting system. After selecting your squad, you must assign your players to starter and bench depending upon the matches.

These players are then awarded points based on their performances. The team with the highest points will win the league.

What is an Auction Draft? What is a Snake Draft?

This is where things get interesting. In an auction draft, each team will get a fixed amount. Team owner needs to give their best bid in order to acquire their favorite player. They will go on to compose the team in the same manner.

While in a snake draft, the first team gets to pick the first player in round one. In the second round, the last team has the choice to pick their favorite player first. This levels the playing field for all the teams.

Bidding-You are the manager of your team!

As you are the designated manager of your team. You are the one responsible for everything that it is to do with the team. The manager can go to the league they wish to bid for. They have to click on manage, go to transfer, and select bidding. On the left side of your screen, you will get to see the players you can bid with. While on the right-hand side, you will get a list of players whom you can bid for.

Select the player on your left and the player from the right whom you wish to have, select a bid amount, and hit the submit button. The person with the highest bid will acquire the player. Isn’t it simple and exciting?

Trading-Own the transfer window!

One can ever initiate trade requests between teams. A team manager who wants to trade a certain player has to select a player from his team and a player from the opponent’s team. Leverage the power of player stats to understand if you are performing the right trade. Once you hit the submit button, a transfer request will be initiated.

The opponent team’s manager will receive a notification about the request. Managers might evaluate the merit of the trade and take a decision thereby. If the manager approves the request, trade is successful else it stands failed. You can then go and share the request with the other remaining team managers. The request will be sent to other team managers notifying the trade. If you get 3 votes then the trade is successful else not. Managers need to act on the request within 2 days else the request will be rejected.

Hope you have fun playing the StumpsandBails Fantasy game!