Mumbai Indians Has Lost Their Confidence In Batting: Vaughan

Michael Vaughan
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Former England cricketer Michael Vaughan believes the Mumbai Indians’ batting ‘engine room’ has lost all confidence against RCB vs MI ,Vaughan went on to say that T20 cricket is the most difficult format to regain lost form once again.

Vaughan went on to say that in T20 cricket, batters do not have the playtime out 10 or 15 deliveries to get themselves out of the way where they can in ODI cricket.

Fortune might not go your way and you lose more confidence: Vaughan

The 46-year-old believes that a batsman should be aggressive in the T20 version of the game and that if he somehow doesn’t make runs, he may lose confidence since everything occurs so rapidly in T20 cricket.

Particularly that engine room for the Mumbai Indians has lost the confidence, they haven’t lost completely because they are all very good but just for this split second in their careers, a few of them have lost confidence”.

I think what it shows is that T20 cricket is the one format where if you lose your confidence as a batting group… it’s the hardest to get back into form because you don’t have the time, that element of the 50-over game where you can bat 10-15 balls or Test cricket where you can play for time. In T20 cricket you still have to be proactive and play your shots and then fortune might not go your way and you lose more confidence,” said Michael Vaughan.

Ishan Kishan’s sitting position on the chairs is not a great look: Vaughan

Michael Vaughan also stated that Mumbai Indians (MI) batsman Ishan Kishan’s position on the seat with his hand on his head is not a good look. According to Vaughan, if there is one team that can recover from a bottom line and start to win immediately, it is the Rohit Sharma-led team. Unfortunately, the former England captain continued by saying that Mumbai’s chances of making a recovery from here are low since many of their batters have lost confidence.

You saw Ishan Kishan sitting on the chairs when the batters were coming too and fro and he sat with his head in his hand. Again, that’s not a great look. You don’t need that on TV screens that a young player like that is sat on the stairs with his head in his hands. I would say that Mumbai is the only team that could possibly come out of this hole and wins the remaining games. But it’s very hard when so many players have lost confidence with their batting,” concluded Michael Vaughan.