MS Dhoni And Players Dealt With Everything On Merit: N Srinivasan

MS Dhoni And Players Dealt With Everything On Their Merit: N Srinivasan
MS Dhoni And Players Dealt With Everything On Their Merit: N Srinivasan

The Chennai Super Kings (CSK) is an IPL franchise based in Chennai. Founded in 2008, the home ground of Chennai super kings is M.A. Chidambaram stadium In Chennai. Chennai Super Kings is one of the most successful teams of IPL. They are one of the rarest franchises that got the privilege in order to play in the playoffs in every season they featured.

Back in July 2015, the RM Lodha committee suspended India Cements and Jaipur IPL for a period of two years. These were two of the league’s biggest owners with India Cements running Chennai Super Kings and Jaipur IPL in charge of Rajasthan Royals.

Former chief justice Rajendra Lodha, who headed the panel investigating the matter, said in 2015: “Disrepute has been brought to cricket, the BCCI [Board Of Control For Cricket In India] and the IPL to such an extent that there are doubts abound in the public whether the game is clean or not.”

But, CSK marked their return with a title win in 2018 followed by the final that they played in the previous season.

This franchise is captained by one of the best skippers across the world MS Dhoni. Under his captaincy, CSK has won three IPL titles.

During a lecture, N Srinivasan, the owner of CSK franchise and former President of the BCCI, hailed the former Indian skipper and players of the team for their focus.

On Thursday, Srinivasan the owner of CSK, addressing students in an event organized by IIT Madras, explained the success story of his team.

He said “Chennai Super Kings was hit by turbulence with two- year ban and staged an ultimate comeback in 2018. Turbulence can hit anybody. But Dhoni and Chennai Super Kings dealt with it on merit and with cold-blooded focus took us to victory.”

Srinivasan added “There is turbulence every time and it can hit any individual, corporate, politics or party and any sphere. Do not challenge the shadows, lead by example, one wrong decision will put you back by 20 years. You need to sense the reality and deal with it factually. Determination and hard work are the essences of success.” 


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