Mithali Raj Voices Against ‘Gender Commute Gap’

Mithali Raj
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The 37-year-old Indian women cricketing legend Mithali Raj took on to twitter on Monday, once again, to inspire women around. She posted a video on her official twitter handle, wherein she is seen talking about the gender disparity in the Indian society since times immemorial, and talks about ‘Gender Commute Gap.’

Watch Mitali Raj Talking About ‘GENDER COMMUTE GAP’:

In her one minute video, she goes on to describe how she was not allowed to travel alone. Her father accompanied Mithali to the academy, and in her father’s absence, her brother filled his shoes. And that she was stunned to see that the concept of not letting women or a girl go out and work at a place which was beyond 1 kilometer of their residence, has only grown deeper with time. This ‘Gender Commute Gap‘ has forced many talented young women to limit themselves to opportunities around them.

Addressing the concern further, she said, that she learned about the concept of ‘Gender Commute Gap’ from @Uber_India’s social experiment. And the statistics were shocking as 3 in 5 women let go of opportunities beyond 1km. Mithali further adds that safety for women on roads is everyone’s responsibility, and with the changing world, concerns relating to women’s safety are also being meticulously addressed. And in the times to come, this would change the mindset of women in the upcoming generation, who would enlighten others on the same.

Watch @Uber_India’s Social Experiment On ‘Gender Commute Gap’:

Mithali urged women not to let go of opportunities, which can shape their future. Women are the ones who make a family and can contribute more constructively to a nation’s growth. Mithali Raj, through her video, gives a call to all the women fraternity to come out and shun the concept of ‘Gender Commute Gap,’ thereby, dreaming and aiming higher in lives.

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