Mike Hesson Recalls Toughest Time Of His Coaching Career

Three consecutive Tests will be a disadvantage for New Zealand
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Mike Hesson, former coach of New Zealand has accepted that in 2012, dismissing Ross Taylor as captain needed to be handled in a better way but he has no regrets at all over the controversy, which was the most difficult time of his career.

 Taylor axed from the captain position in 2012 and asked to hand over the limited-overs controls to Brendon McCullum by Mike Hesson. Hesson said “Definitely it was the most difficult time of my coaching career. Often I asked myself why I coach? Am I making the right decisions—because it is going to make the squad better?”

Mike Hesson is now working as director of Royal Challengers Banglore (IPL franchise) and handles the Cricket Operations. He accepted that he could have managed the whole happening in a better way.

He said” It was a really tough time. But I don’t have any type of disappointment for that decision.  I mostly regret the results from the decision and the way people take it.”

He added at that time there was some factors within the squad who were trying to play the role of both sides.

He exposed “I have sympathy for what Ross went through at that time and it was really tough time for the entire team. And we also had some people within the surrounding being were trying to play both sides.”

“Still I think that that was the perfect decision. Or could it be handled in a better way? Of course, it may be.” Also, Hesson said that he had to face a lot of hate from the people for this decision.

He said “I received hate mail pout in my door. There were feces on my front door at my house. It was really a pathetic time. At that time the most priority thing was my team and all I was trying to do what was right for the team. There were many people who didn’t have knowledge of these facts, who didn’t know either me or Ross, who were supportive.. it was what I felt we had to move the squad forward.”


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