Manu Sawhney The ICC CEO, Has Been Relieved Of His Duties With ‘Immediate Effect’

ICC CEO Manu Sawhney resigns amid inquiry over conduct
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The International Cricket Council (ICC) has released CEO Manu Sawhney with immediate effect following a decision made in an emergency meeting of ICC board members on July 8th (Thursday). The decision comes after an internal investigation showed Sawhney’s “aggressive behaviour,” forcing the ICC to send him on leave in March. Here is why ICC CEO Manu Sawhney resigns. And what was the reason behind?

ICC CEO Manu Sawhney relieved with immediate effect; Geoff Allardice to continue as acting CEO

ICC CEO Manu Sawhney resigns. After taking over the lead from Dave Richardson in 2019, Sawhney’s term was expected to conclude in 2022. Unfortunately, his departure was always a foregone conclusion due to the internal inquiry and his behaviour at the job, which compelled an inquiry against him. The 56-year-old has been under fire since the process to appoint a new president began last year, with Greg Barclay set to take office in November 2020.

“Chief Executive Manu Sawhney will leave the organisation with immediate effect. Geoff Allardice will continue as Acting CEO supported by the Leadership Team working closely with the ICC Board,” the ICC said in a release.

Sawhney was charged with serious offenses after his “aggressive working style” was criticized by staff and other stakeholders. Sawhney’s decision to accept Imran Khwaja, the ICC’s temporary chairman, last year was also criticized by a number of cricket governing boards.

Sawhney Calls The Board’s Decision A “Ridiculous Attempt” To Remove Him From Service

Sawhney, on the other hand, denied the allegations, calling the board’s decision a “ridiculous attempt” to remove him from service that may create a “bad example.” He also claimed that he was the target of a “premeditated witch-hunt” that would destroy his name and deny him out of his profession.

“I reject categorically that I have engaged in bullying of any kind during my time at the ICC,” he said. “In addition to the extremely vague nature of the allegations against me, no proper disciplinary process has been followed, including any thorough disciplinary investigation.”

“This would set an extremely dangerous precedent and would completely contradict the fundamental values of the ICC. It is abundantly clear to me, as it would to any reasonable person or bystander, that I am the victim of a pre-meditated witch hunt.”

Sawhney is a non-executive director and member of Manchester United Ltd’s Audit Committee, as well as the former CEO of Singapore Sports Hub. He formerly worked for 17 years as the Managing Director(MD) of ESPN Star Sports.


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