Madan Lal Defends Virat Kohli’s Aggressive attitude

Salman Butt Praises Virat Kohli
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“There Is Nothing Wrong In Virat Kohli’s Aggression”:

Indian skipper Virat Kohli is often criticized for his aggressive behavior on and off the field. Recently he was in the news for giving a wild send-off to New Zealand captain Kane Williamson during a match in the recently concluded New Zealand tour.

He was caught on camera uttering an expletive-laden rant while Kane Williamson was heading to pavilion after getting out in the second Test at Christchurch.

Former cricketer Madan Lal has defended Kohli’s aggressive mentality. He said that he does not understand why people think that Kohli should mellow down.

“First, everyone wanted a very aggressive captain and now you want Kohli to stop his aggressive streak. I love the way he is on the field. Earlier, people used to say that Indians are not aggressive; now that we’ve become aggressive people question that and ask why we are so aggressive. I enjoy Kohli’s aggression. I enjoy Kohli’s aggression; we need a captain like him,” he added.

Kohli also showed anger on a journalist when he asked what happened on the field after Kane Williamson’s incident. He also fired on another journalist when pressed on India’s recent batting failures.

Regarding Kohli’s poor performance in the recent matches the former player said,” He was out of form. You can say it was a loss of confidence. That (series against New Zealand) doesn’t take anything away from him. He is still the world’s best player. At times, technical flaws come in and you then try harder and harder but still you don’t come out of it. It happens to the best of players.”.

“Picking Dhoni Is Selectors’ Job”:

Lal has also responded to speculations about Dhoni’s place in future teams. He stated that picking Dhoni is the selector’s job and he can’t tell what they are thinking about it.

Dhoni has not played a single match since India’s loss to New Zealand in the semi-finals of the world cup. The next T20 world cup is scheduled to be held this year in Australia. There are a lot of speculations going on about Dhoni’s selection for the tournament.

Lal who is a member of C.A.C (Cricket Advisory Committee) along with Rudra Pratap Singh and Sulakshana Singh a few days ago appointed former spinner Sunil Joshi as Chief selector and Harvinder Singh as the member of the selection panel.

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