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The outcome of the withdrawals of Glenn Maxell, Nic Maddinson and Will Pucovski from the cricket-based on mental health, some of Australia’s top stars and coach Justin Langer have opened up.

In dealing with mental health, Langer has called for a clear agreement- as to make it easier for players to step forward regarding its impact, and stressing how the player’s happiness was more important than a cricket match.

“It’s a complex issue – it’s like a concussion,” Langer said. “Now there’s a clear agreement on its impact and I’m hopeful, in the complex matter of mental health. We can get to a point where there’s really clear agreement and there are no stresses about it, there’s no offense in saying ‘I’m not okay’.

Fast bowler Pat Cummins shed focus on the matter while highlighting the importance of getting away from cricket when possible. Cummins said, “We spend 10-11 months of the year on the road, so when I’m touring I’ve got to get away from cricket, or else it captures my whole life. When I can get little breaks I do, and those four weeks were great for me to step away from cricket, not really watch cricket, just live a normal life, have a normal routine, because I don’t think I could do it for 10-15 years just with 12 months of the year all focused on cricket.”

“The last 12 months JL’s been good at trying to identify breaks where we can. I’ve heard him say a few times ‘I wish I could give you guys a longer break, but we’ll have to delay that’. It’s a general conversation.

On how the Australian management was working towards addressing the workload of players, Steve Smith agreed on that. “I think that’s something that we’re getting a lot better at. Communication with the coach, relevant people that are involved who we can have those honest conversations with about how we’re tracking. Nowadays It is a pretty hectic schedule. For long periods, it’s bloody tough to support it, I think for the fast bowlers, Particularly. As they put themselves through, it’s extremely difficult. Happening of those conversations is great and now we’re trying to keep guys as mentally and physically fresh as they can be.”

Playing more cricket than ever before apart from that, the constant survey off the field has also increased the multiple pressure. The left-arm bowler Mitchell Starc says that staying in his bubble to ward off the negativity has helped him stay leveled.

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