Krishmar Santokie was interrogated by the BCB ACU

Krishmar Santokie was interrogated by the BCB ACU
Krishmar Santokie was interrogated by the BCB ACU

Krishmar Santokie West Indian pacer was interrogated by the Bangladesh Cricket Board’s anti-corruption unit for a dubious wide and no-ball that he bowled.

Santokie bowled the controversial wide and no-ball in his opening over against Chattogram Challengers in the first game of the Bangabandhu Bangladesh Premier League at the Sher-e-Bangla National Stadium on November 11th

BBC’s media committee chairman Jalal Yunus on Saturday informed about the progress and added that the ACU has also reported in this regard to the board.

BCB appointed seven board directors to be involved with the respective teams which are being sponsored by different business groups. Tanjil Chowdhury was given the charge of Thunders.

The West Indian pacer bowled a huge wide in his third delivery while the no-ball that he bowled two balls later also raised some eyebrows as he was way over the line.

BCB had to engage ACU for the scrutiny over the matter after Thunders’ team director appealed the board to investigate. As it appeared to be suspicious considering the manner those two balls were bowled.

Tanjil Chowdhury director of Thunders team said that he felt the extras were unusual. Chowdhury added that he had to discuss with the team management. To know whether someone persuaded the team management to keep him in the playing XI

Jalal told – “Santokie was interrogated for a long period by ACU members and they looked deeply into his track record. It’s not that the board [BCB] is sitting idle without doing anything in this regard [for the allegation on Santokie].”

He also said, “They [ACU] were particularly focused on knowing about his track record during the long sessions with him. They probably had already provided their report to the board. Though I am not sure about their decision that is placed in that report.”


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