‘Kohli On Fire’ After Umpire Multiple Decisions Overturned vs RCB

Virat Kohli
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On October 11, Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) and Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) faced off in an Indian Premier League (IPL) elimination match. With no 2nd chance, the match was supposed to go down to the last minute, and while it wasn’t an elevated fight, there were some instances when the match might have gone either way. Furthermore, the umpiring is crucial in these circumstances, which is why RCB captain Virat Kohli was furious on the day.

He was spotted upset with umpire Virender Sharma after some of his decisions were reversed on the day. Surprisingly, all of his rulings were also against RCB, wherein the team had to overcome with a DRS. In the seventh over, Kohli got into a furious dispute with the umpire when a call for Rahul Tripathi was reviewed, giving RCB an important 2nd wicket of the innings.

Kohli questions the justifications for not ruling in his team’s favour

The umpire did not call the batter out in real-time, and upon review, it was certain that the ball had struck the pad first, not just the bat. The TV umpire called Tripathi out, and quickly thereafter, the RCB captain was seen in a strong debate with Virender, as though he was questioning the justifications for not ruling in his team’s favour.


Previously in the day, the very same umpire, Virender Sharma, had ruled RCB’s two batsmen out. In the 16th over, Shahbaz Ahmed was declared lbw after the ball touched his pad and replays indicated there was an edge, only for the onfield judgment to be restored.

Its same umpire was called into question once more in the 20th over when Harshal Patel was declared lbw although the ball touching the bat before reaching the pad. The result was reversed once more. On both occasions, RCB hitters took a single and were refused a run under the rules because the umpire called him out. Kohli’s motivation for being angry was likely the same as when he argued with the umpires on the field.

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