Know The Identical Factors Between Virat Kohli And Viv Richards

Special Interview - Virat Kohli And Viv Richards Come Together For A
Special Interview - Virat Kohli And Viv Richards Come Together For A "Special Interaction"
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Two batting legends, One who has ruled the past West Indies legend Viv Richards and the other who is currently ruling the international cricket India captain Virat Kohli. Has recently revealed that Kohli feels claustrophobic at the nets, the same problem was also faced by Richards during his playing days.

In the second part of their conversation, Kohli spoke about how he goes into the nets thinking that the is going to stand up against his own bowlers, “not even get anything on the edge and middle everything” before asking if Richards had the same attitude.

“It’s the same thinking for me. You go and try to eliminate the process of getting out,” said the former West Indies captain. “But the nets was very claustrophobic for me, I was never comfortable in it.”

Kohli said that he feels exactly the same way. “I prefer having an open centre-wicket net against our bowlers with fielders so that I have a match simulation,”

Virat had also spoken about how Viv has been an inspiration for him, and the way that effected his play and did in India’s 2014 tour of Australia. In fact, that tour kind of showed what the future holds for the India captain.

That tour of Australia has come after a horrible tour of England for India and Kohli. He has scored just 134 runs in 10 innings and was completely exposed against the swing balls out the off stump.

In Australia, Kohli has smashed 692 runs in just 8 innings at an impressive strike rate of 86.50.

“Three months before going to Australia I was visualizing that I would take on these bowlers and I would dominate and that was a big help for me,” said Kohli.

“The Australians can be in my opinion, bullies at times. They try talking you out, you gave it back. I loved that and you gave it back with interest the way you performed,” said Richards.

Virat has also spoken about how his wife Anushka Sharma has been a huge inspiration for him and has helped him in this journey not just on the field, but also off it.

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