KFC BBL|12 How do the BBL playoffs work?, Eliminator, Qualifiers, Knockout, Challenger

How do the BBL playoffs work?
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KFC BBL| 12 How do the BBL playoffs work?

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How do the BBL playoffs work? This summer, The Big Bash has returned to its finest form thanks to nail-biting finishes, standout individual performances, and a tonne of controversy. Next week, when the KFC BBL|12 finals begin, everything comes to a head.

Here is a detailed schedule of the BBL|12 finals’ dates, times, and locations, along with instructions on how to reserve a ticket to see history being made, ahead of the series’ start on January 27.

BBL12 finals schedule

  • Friday January 27: The Eliminator, 4th v 5th
  • Saturday January 28: The Qualifier, Perth Scorchers v Sydney Sixers
  • Sunday January 29: The Knockout, 3rd v winner of The Eliminator
  • Thursday February 2: The Challenger, loser of The Qualifier v winner of The Knockout
  • Saturday February 4: The Final, winner of The Qualifier v winner of The Challenger
How do the BBL playoffs work?
Source: Twitter
  •  What is the Eliminator?

The fourth-place team and the fifth-place team from the eight teams competing in the regular season face off in the Eliminator.

If the scores are tied at the end of the game, a Super Over could be played in addition to the usual T20 match rules.

The match’s title in the Eliminator gives us a hint as to what to anticipate. The losing team will end their journey from the Big Bash 2023 for that season, while the winners of that game will advance them to the next round of the competition.

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  • What is the Qualifier?

The Big Bash final can be reached directly from the Qualifier. Following the Elimination match, it will typically occur the very next day with participation from two new teams.

In this match, the team that placed first overall in the standings at the end of the season will face the runner-up. The Qualifier winner will advance to the Big Bash final for that season. The losing team will still have a chance to advance in the competition.

  •  What is the Knockout?

The Knockout game will typically come the day following the Qualifier if there is a tight timetable. This is essentially a second elimination game, with the losing team set to leave the tournament. The third-place team from the season and the Eliminator winner are the teams participating.

The winning team advances to the next round of the finals series after the knockout is over. The losing team is now out of the running and must wait until the following year to try again for the championship.

  • What is the Challenger?

Before the last contest in this playoff series, there will often be a hiatus of about three days. The reason it is called the Challenger is because it identifies the team that will advance to face the team that has already advanced to the final.

The participating teams are ones that have made appearances in prior contests but have not yet been eliminated. As a result, the Qualifier’s loser and the Knockout’s victor square off in the Challenger.

This game is “winner takes all.” The victorious team advances to the BBL championship game, while the losing team is eliminated from the tournament.

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